It is easier than ever to exchange information quickly and efficiently in and about businesses, thanks to modern communication technologies like email, chats, text messaging, online forums and blogs. It is also a fact that the majority of employees feel increasingly overwhelmed by the daily amount of information (and misinformation) with which their inboxes are assailed.

The amount of time managers and business executives spend on reading and writing emails costs businesses about $ 25,000 per year, which makes around € 1,000 per employee per year (SofTrust Consulting).

Here is how your business can master the daily email flow:

Leading companies use this system to manage the daily flood of emails, save time and increase the efficiency of electronic communication.

  • Step 1: analyze company’s electronic communication
  • Step 2: design procedures and optimize interfaces
  • Step 3: develop email policy
  • Step 4: improve IT support services and infrastructure
  • Step 5: implement and practice new email management culture

Your partners for people management are also your partners for email management

Using their specialized experience, the experts at IPA guide and support your business through these five steps as well as through the entire optimization process of your business’ e-mail communication culture. Services include analysis, conception and design, implementation, workshops, coaching.

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Dear Ms Vranken,

We have worked together with you since the end of 2004. During this time, you have held several workshops for and with our executives and employees. You have

  • contributed significantly in the planning phase/stages to the respective overall concept by introducing methodical and high-quality ideas based on your years of experience.
  • guaranteed through clearly structured, skillful mediation and a refreshing manner during the implementation of the project that the goals in sight would be reached by the end of the workshop.
  • made constructive suggestions for further steps and further development of certain topics during follow-up activities, which were based on the experience gained and the results compiled in the workshops.

Because of your high flexibility and reliability, working with you is exceptional.

Very best regards

Günter Riedel, Head of Personnel, BEB Transport und Speicher Service GmbH

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