In today’s business environment one is not simply looking for „personnel en masse” anymore. What is sought after instead, are certain combinations of personality traits that give their bearer the potential to become corporate leader, or the ambition to become such again.

Comprehensive HR development – performance enhancement and investment returns

As your partner for people management the IPA Institute offers state of the art HR development and organization services, all of which build upon each other and are based on thorough consultation on the premise of organizational development for e.g.:

  • Development of HR strategy and goals
  • Definition of HR concepts and methods
  • Implementation of HR programs and activities
  • Calculation of specific HR needs


IPA – Your partner for people management offers comprehensive service

We offer exactly the right combination of HR development services:

  • full-blown development of your company’s HR strategy
  • external public relations management
  • conception and implementation of individual training and coaching

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(…) your support with the conception and implementation of our program for future senior management, „Fit for Leadership”, was a big help to us. Because of your innovative ideas, we were able to create a systematic future senior management program in no time that helps us qualify tomorrow’s senior management. We especially want to emphasize your dedication to handling new challenges and unforeseen situations and your ability to fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders in the program due to your flexibility.

Your commitment to our future leaders – being available to them as a coach or mentor outside of the program – was not taken for granted by our participants. Everyone who got to know you during your work with our organization has a very high regard for your advice and ideas. (…)

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With Ms Vranken we also gained three c´s:

  • competence
  • concepts and

In our six-year collaboration, we have created something new: a program for junior managers; tried out something surprising: a world cafe and mastered something difficult: gaining conviction regarding human resources development. She is the continuum (the fourth c!) in our human resources work.

Monika Küpper, Head of Human Resources Department, Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG

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