Organizational development is aimed at giving your business the best possible strategic and procedural viability. Change belongs to the daily business routine today more than ever. But change projects inevitably create certain tensions and emotions in the business leaders and employees affected. Sometimes decision-makers first have to generate a feeling of the need for change.

Each process of change is unique.

It depends on the right choices. We work with you in choosing the instruments for change according to the motive and goal of your change project. For example, we work with you in drawing up a road map for transformation, for a reasonable chronology of measures for change.

Using project marketing, we make sure that the change project is communicated internally in a purposeful, precise and goal-oriented manner. Within the framework of stakeholder management, we make sure that the diverging interests of persons involved are brought to the table. Through team building exercises, we make sure that newly-formed task forces quickly develop into high-performance teams.

Our IPA-experts offer you support while you implement your vision into practice and set about creating enthusiasm for your project at your company. Over the course of our process consulting, we help overcome resistance, bring teams together and moderate conflicts.

Download a PDF copy of our current booklet on change management.

Organizational development – so that everything runs smoothly

We guide your business competently through:

  • outsourcing of business divisions
  • internal process optimization – CIP (continuous improvement process)
  • process re-engineering
  • introduction of semi-autonomous group work
  • change management and all other processes of change in your business

Only a few weeks after its launch, has become the most successful and far-reaching regional online marketplace. And for this we have the IPA Institute to thank, which, through outstanding work, carefully attended to the recruitment of executives and teams. We wanted to avoid the typical start-up mistakes. We wanted to build growth-oriented and scalable teams and develop them into motivating entities. The results of this workshop are convincing. For us, putting our trust in an external HR service provider like the IPA Institute was more than worth it.
Caroline Kwasny, Director of Human Resources and Organization,

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(…)Our company has grown very fast during the recent months and years. We have an international and multicultural environment with 35 nationalities in our company. Especially your leadership programme has helped us a great deal to implement our new organisational structure and live up to the set expectations. You adapted your programme extremely well to our needs and we were able to benefit even more than expected. Thank you for your great support and we will be back when our next steps have to be taken.
Hartmut Albers, Managing Director, Remobis Refund Service C.V., Utrecht, The Netherlands

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